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opiate addiction treatmentOpiate addiction is powerful and overwhelming. When a person is overtaken by opiate addiction, it takes a considerable amount of work to lead them back to sobriety. A person may be addicted to opiates because they are dependent on the high they get from it, the suppression of pain they get from it or the ability to ward off withdrawal symptoms that they get from it. Regardless, their addiction requires the expertise of addiction specialists and substance abuse counselors in order to achieve recovery.

The first step to beginning this treatment is going through a thorough detoxification. This may be done on site in an addiction treatment center or it may be done at a private detox clinic. A lot depends on how severe the addiction is and how hard the withdrawal symptoms are anticipated to be. It is important that this process is medically supervised because opiate withdrawal symptoms can put a person in danger. Seizures, fainting spells and pain are all possibilities.

Once a person is physically well enough to focus on the cognitive behavioral side of treatment, the work on their addiction recovery can begin. Addiction treatment centers provide clients with group counseling, private counseling, workbook exercises, therapeutic activities and ongoing nutrition plans to ensure the strength of their recovery. Addiction treatment is all about learning to think differently so that when the opportunity to use arises (which it inevitably will) they will be equipped to walk away from it. Addiction treatment also provides follow up services to their clients to ensure that they are continuing to receive the support they need once they are outside of the treatment center.

Addiction recovery requires work and commitment, but a healthy, happy lifetime of being free from addiction is worth it. Canadians who are struggling with opiate addiction should seek the services of a professional detox center, such as an Alberta drug detoxification center, as well as an addiction treatment facility, such as a Vancouver rehab. Opiate addiction is not something to face without the help of others.